A visit to Ardrishaig

The gate opens out of the last lock onto a small pool before the sea lock, A tiny idyll abound with wild flowers and skitting birds. Several startled swallows are rattled from their hidey-holes in the structure of the lock gate. The old canal wall curves around from our right to describe a circle, SlopingContinue reading “A visit to Ardrishaig”

Christmas and the NHS

Salbutomol 100mcg 2x daily if required Beclamethazone 200mcg 1x daily, Calcium and Vitamin d3 600mg & 400IU, (10mcg) x2 twice daily. Alendronic Acid 70mg x1 once weekly. Folic acid 5mg once daily. Methotrexate 20mg injected once weekly, skip folic acid on this day. Tacrolimus 0.1% ointment once daily applied externally to affected areas as required.Continue reading “Christmas and the NHS”

Destiny in our hands

Some time ago, I set myself up as a film reviewer, discussing Michael Moore’s unpopular film. https://schnark.home.blog/2020/05/05/planet-of-the-humans-hope-or-pragmatism/ I watched another film last night which seemed to pick up where Michael Moore’s left off. Moore calls out the lie that we will be saved by technology but this film tells very clearly that we can beContinue reading “Destiny in our hands”

Series Apocalypse

This blog is supposed to be about the end of the world, dinghy sailing, and other things. Other things seem to have taken over of late, mouse poems, cat poems and reflections on the mundane have held sway. I have been prophesying doom for many years, I remember years ago as I was sweating aboutContinue reading “Series Apocalypse”

Is there life on Anne Ward?

Last night I went to St Thomas’ for a blood test. I was seen quickly by a good humoured phlebotomist, so as I left unhurriedly, I thought of my old dad up on the 9th floor who hasn’t been seen for weeks. It has suited me really to ignore him, to renounce all responsibility forContinue reading “Is there life on Anne Ward?”

Fortune telling under the apple tree

Fortune telling under the apple tree. Down on the allotment, by Ravensbourne Brook, a mature apple tree flouts the height regulations.  I think two metres is the usual rule, mine is closer to six. Fortunately, our committee have better things to do, and anyway, the apple tree was here before any of us. My treeContinue reading “Fortune telling under the apple tree”

The Battle of Ravensbourne Brook

  Beside my end of the allotments runs Ravensbourne Brook. I was taken aback when I got here tonight to see a silent dog fight in the sky between a crow and a heron. I fancy the heron was after eggs for his tea, the crows are amazing, they marked him constantly, and the heronContinue reading “The Battle of Ravensbourne Brook”

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