Food that fights At first they seem innocuous,A small stand of light green stems and leavesUnder a newly planted plum.I welcome them as a source of spring healthiness and vigour. But despite regular cropping they become stronger,And Stronger.They fight like lowlanders at Culloden,Each defends his brother with a sideways thrust. Ouch.The pain continues as theyContinue reading “Nettles”

Peace or War?

There seems to be a tiny window of doubt within our broadcast media within the wall to wall consensus of Russia bad/Ukraine good/America a well meaning passer by that just happens to have some long distance weapons to spare and an interest in Russia’s failure. Roger Waters has enough celebrity clout to get a mentionContinue reading “Peace or War?”

The apples that fall in September

The apples that fall in August are better than those that fell in July. But the hair dryer wind that blew in July was enough to dry the best of those, And preserve them without any expense of power. In Penge we have spent many August evenings Meticulously cutting out the mess left behind ByContinue reading “The apples that fall in September”

Nigger Nigger Pakky

It is too early to judge our new leader. I read she has a track record for changing her colours when it proves to be advantageous, and she has so far been courting the electorate of the paid up conservative party, so it is little wonder she has said nothing to please, or impress me.Continue reading “Nigger Nigger Pakky”

Crossing the estuary.

This has become an obsession of mine, to say the least. The Thames Estuary is more of a concept, than a easily definable area that one could draw a line around on a map, it is most easily defined as where the river meets the sea, but since the river, and sea are both tidal,Continue reading “Crossing the estuary.”

Feast or Famine?

I had to work hard to find this article so I think it worth sharing here. It is regarding the health and expected yield of world wheat crops. I found many articles analysing increased sowing all around the world, mostly optimistic that increased sowing would lead to greater harvest, and though I don’t entirelyContinue reading “Feast or Famine?”

End of the World Diary, Pt. I – Natalia Klyuchareva — literalab

Translated from the Russian by Mariya Gusev Throughout this week, which will close out the first month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Literalab will publish the writing of Natalia Klyuchareva. “The End of the World Diary” recounts her reactions during the war’s opening week. “March 6” tells about her experience attending an anti-war rally. […]Continue reading “End of the World Diary, Pt. I – Natalia Klyuchareva — literalab”

The wrong beach

I had been sitting on this groyne for over an hour, waiting for the tide to float my boat so that I could escape upwind within the narrow gap between the groynes, and hoping that some friendly soul would happen by and exchange the time of day; none had. I hadn’t intended to come here,Continue reading “The wrong beach”

This is the road to hell.

The fuel duty escalator was devised, or enacted 1st in 1993 by her Majesty’s Government in Britain which was led by John Major. The tax on fuel to Britain and Northern Irelands’ motoring public was set 3p in the pound above inflation and increased ultimately by Mr Blair to 6p This was not only aContinue reading “This is the road to hell.”

Searching for a relevant parallel

“Molecular clock estimates, genetic studies and archaeological data all suggest the initial colonisation of Sahul and Australia by modern humans occurred around 48,000–50,000 years ago. Over the last few decades, a significant number of archaeological sites dated at more than 30,000 years old have been discovered. › science When did modern humans get to Australia? –Continue reading “Searching for a relevant parallel”

The corpse’s protest.

Who are you? —— That put flowers on my grave? Did you love me? —— Did you care? Did I know you? ——- Could I trust you? Could you know —— I didn’t choose to be alone? Don’t you know —— I had a heart of stone? And you comment; What a pity ——- ThatContinue reading “The corpse’s protest.”


Mr and Mrs Schnark have enjoyed a weeks holiday in South Wales, staying in a charming terraced cottage in the village of Crickhowell, that stands beside the River Usk between the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains. We enjoyed walks on nearby Sugar Loaf, and Table Mountain, which gave its Welsh name to the villageContinue reading “Levelling”

Stone cold sober.

Mental illness has been in my thoughts of late, best I don’t say why, but it has always been a diagnosis that I am not prepared to take at face value. I believe it might be always the case that the fault lies not with the patient, but with the world in which they live.Continue reading “Stone cold sober.”