Political anonymity and the end of the world

Dear friends,
I nail my colours to the mast.
I am a tory, but I didn’t vote for them.
Is this of interest.
Not if you don’t know who I am, or have no interest in me.
If I am political, I must be public.
If I am intelligent but not political I should shut up. (no, really).
It is no good complaining about politicians but retaining our precious anonymity. The complaint is irrelevant.
In a democracy, without politicians, we are doomed.
So I climb the parapet and shout for all to hear…


Easy said this, when no one is looking. Where next?


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5 thoughts on “Political anonymity and the end of the world

  1. I’ve always had faith in the pendulum of British politics. It swings left for a bit, then right, each swing rubbing out the excesses of the other lot. The pendulum seems broken for now, but that we both feel the way we do suggests all is not lost. Keep well.

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  2. Anonymity is good. Best to keep at least one degree of separation. Crazy insane times. We have Donald dirtbag and you guys deal with Boris Johnson. I guess I was too busy making a living to see the world change around me as it has. Now it all seems so alien and I am older and need a bit of a rest before venturing back into the fray. Don’t mind my current spectator status as it may be for now.


    1. Mmmm
      I think it’s even more polarised where you are, and I don’t see you as anonymous. Over here I think a part of the problem is we have the wrong people in politics, most of us prefer to be on the sidelines.
      Speaking up is a start, but there needs to follow a process where more “nice” people become politicised and seek election. That is, if we want to keep this democracy thing going, and I think, in that sense it helped for me to come out of the closet.

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    1. I’m not keen on democracy these days as it doesn’t seem to work, certainly not on a national scale, but if I had to choose a dictator, it wouldn’t be a likable blond buffoon.


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