The Battle of Ravensbourne Brook

Picture Getty, pinched from Yahoo News


Beside my end of the allotments runs Ravensbourne Brook.

I was taken aback when I got here tonight to see a silent dog fight in the sky between a crow and a heron. I fancy the heron was after eggs for his tea, the crows are amazing, they marked him constantly, and the heron played the game of chasing and being chased, together they rose to a great height, at times the heron’s underbelly lit by the evening sun at times they almost disappeared out of sight down river, at this point the crow seemed to lose interest and dived out of sight, only for the same or another crow to take up the pursuit a moment later as the heron came swooping back. I think the heron was up for at least 20 minutes, but I doubt he got his tea.

I haven’t done any gardening yet, but it’s all good, the buttercups can do their thing. Looking at the sky, watching the crows and the heron, I was suddenly aware of all the other birds a flying, did I see swifts, 2 together? I saw magpies.

Now sat on a narrow grass path between my plot and my West Indian neighbour’s, the song of all the other smaller birds drums a constant symphony around my head and now and then I look up searching for the heron, but he’s either given up or picked a fight down river. These crows were a match for him for sure.

This wasn’t going to be a post, but the Dam Busters theme has been running in my head for too long now and this is the only way that I can exorcise it

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2 thoughts on “The Battle of Ravensbourne Brook

  1. I have a peregrine nesting close by, also lots of crows. I’ve noticed how plucky the crows are, mobbing it when it’s out on the hunt, much to the relief of the songbird population. As you say, some skilful aerobatics.

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  2. The photograph on this post is so dramatic, you’re ready for another drama in words and you certainly
    deliver that. You create a whole world in this short post. Thanks for sharing.

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