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The Schnark has been keeping his head down this winter. A new boat is in my care on the Medway, but we’ve not been a float since July except as crew, or in hired craft. I have stories to tell but not the time to give them credit.

I have been instead banging away with my mandolin. I am untaught, and not terribly good. My problem is as I don’t read music tunes come out of my head are expressed by the vibrating strings, suffered by my poor neighbours, and are then immediately lost. Over the years I have tried recording myself, but the recordings are always filed and forgotten. I need someone to engage with me, to listen and tell me no, no, no and perhaps yes, or work harder on that one.

I must now warn you the recordings below are unfinished, they are the result of me hitting the play button on the smartphone and hoping for the best. My only advisor advised me strongly against publishing them, but they cannot be rerecorded without a great deal of effort, and they will, of course, never be the same.

Easter Song or Hillside Spring or Love’s Lament?
Boiled frog
Auld Molly’s Jig
Track 8 rambles a bit, “Hustle and Bustle”?
Track 6, a rare successful rerun of what was track 5.
Track 1, recorded last year
Track 2
Track 3
found this from Winter 2017 “Fairlie well fed”

If you have suffered one or more or, even a fragment of one of these assaults on the senses, please do not bare a grudge, but kindly comment below, naming the piece by its place in the order, and telling me what you made of it.

My great hope is to name them, or at least those that are worthy, and I need your help with that.

Please don’t be shy, do your best, leave a comment below. I promise all will be welcome!

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16 thoughts on “Schnark Music

  1. Well, the Whelk clearly missed the point, he took this as a jape perhaps, or perhaps he’ll be back with a considered review???

    What about a knockout?
    There are some pretty ropey numbers there, but listening again, some not so bad. ..

    Come on ladies and gentlemen- lend me your ears!

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  2. I thought these were all pretty good. I do have a soft spot for a mandolin and a folk song. You certainly wouldn’t have sounded out of place on an open-mic night. Track one was my personal favourite. A very English folksy noughtical feel to them, which perhaps should not surprise me.

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    1. That’s kind of you Michael, an off screen friend went for track one too, which surprised me. Open Mike would be good, I hadn’t thought of looking for those. Folk options around South London and Kent are very limited.
      I used to try reecording when I thought I’d played something good, but then I could never repeat it, but most of these tracks were recorded by switching the mike on before every effort. If I keep doing this I’ll have an immense amount of editing to do, but no more than in writing and self publishing a book!


  3. I like the two I have listened to:
    Tune 1. summer Wedding
    Tune 9. Auld Molly’s Jig

    They were the titles that came to my mind as I listened.



    1. Thank you Gwen,

      I have edited Auld Molly’s Jig, but I think I’ll need to re-record Summer Wedding before it deserves such a name. I will need to listen through several times and note down all the little passages, and I’m not at all sure that I can replicate it, but I’ll try!


      1. ‘Summer Wedding’ was so light and lovely, it deserves your attention. They sounded really good to me.


      2. Thank you Gwen,  The names really help! 

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    1. I watched the video on your latest post, I wish we could all live in the cartoon world, the one where the bad guys all get their comeupence. I don’t care whether those guys are Russian or Ukrainian, they have mothers, and families, and friends and dreams. It is by othering people that the likes of Hitler, Putin, Assad, the Crusading Christians, the IRA, ISIS…we could go on. ..
      It is by othering them that we are brainwashed, and we brainwash ourselves. Yes, we too are responsible, everyone who fights in a war, or tolerates a war, or benefits from it, who accepts the line from government, and doesn’t ask difficult questions. In this case we have blood on our hands because we allowed our governments and media to woo the Ukrainian government and then call Putin’s bluff. A massive miss judgement.
      We can’t put it all on Putin, or Hitler, life’s not that easy, I wish it was.
      Enjoy the tunes, Wolfpup Meadow sounds nice.

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      1. It is enjoyable having original music from the other side of the pond in my pocket (on my recorder). This is pretty cool Schnark.
        I feel lucky to have gotten to my mid 60s. It sickens me to see the total waste of this war and all wars. So much beauty to experience in our short stay on this earth and this carnage denies it to those innocently caught up in the devastation … on all sides. That includes conscripted soldiers.

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