Small World


If the world were made of plasticine

I would carve it up.

I would free Africa from the gaze of the west.

Children in Sierra Leone would not see pictures of western luxury.

But then I’d carry on dividing.

Perhaps a small island

For Mr Trump, very low lying.

And divide and divide,

And throw the bits about in space.

Each island would become a little moon,

Each on a collision trajectory?

I would live on the Moon of Penge.

Decorated with street art,

That we used to call graffiti.

Don’t mention gravity,

That could be a problem.

I would have to anchor the vegetables

On my allotment

To stop them floating off

Into deep space.

If the world were made of plasticine

I would be a very dangerous god.

Small world

The world is not made of plasticine.

Africa is intractably linked to Europe and the rest of the world; it cannot be carved off.

The problems the world faces will not be faced by nationalist democracies.

Survival of the fittest, or the greediest will ensue.

People will become as cruel as the climate.

Barriers will spring up the world over.

I do not believe that air passenger numbers will double.

There will simply be nowhere for the “passengers” to go.

I have nothing to fear,

If I want to live, and die in Penge.

Published by Schnark

Best you see

2 thoughts on “Small World

  1. You have a good point there. It’s the ultimate mind-made dystopia worrying about things you cannot change. There’s perhaps a greater sanity in focussing down on what you can personnally see and touch.


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