Letter to the bird

Dear Bird,

We do enjoy your singing so,
And we do not wish to complain,
But is there a reason why you were up
So early this morning in Penge?

We didn’t fully awake,
But I’m sure it was five o’clock
When I was first aware of your song.
Every other one of God’s creatures
Was either fast asleep
Or at least keeping blessed silence

So I wonder what was in your little mind
That had you a chirping at such an early hour.
Was it the state of our pretty town of Penge?
A concern for the future of Birdkind?

Now I’m awake…
Have downed my tea and toast,
You’re still out there in full song
And I – a little more awake.
It is the last day of the year!

Of course marvellous bird
Your foresight is far greater than mine.
You know that the end to this hideous year
Can only bode well.

That next year must be better for us both;
For you in your birdy world,
And for me in mine.
You wish to share a profound understanding
Of how things are and how I should be too.

Published by Schnark

Best you see Schnark.home.blog

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