Destiny in our hands

Some time ago, I set myself up as a film reviewer, discussing Michael Moore’s unpopular film.

I watched another film last night which seemed to pick up where Michael Moore’s left off. Moore calls out the lie that we will be saved by technology but this film tells very clearly that we can be saved. Focusing on soils that are left bare for too many months, leading to soil run off and pollution. Fields that are treated like factories and are bereft of the abundance of life that can support growth.

I shred many of my weeds into my compost and I notice that the strongest part of each plant is where the earth meets the sky, the ground. Below the ground are an abundance of organisms supporting the growth of each plant. Above the ground insects and mammals, reptiles and amphibians are all part of a system, that supports one plant in favour of another. If the system is kept in balance plants will flourish and enrich the soil and the air and us. Many of you won’t need me or some dumb ass film maker to tell you that the balance is not being kept, that the foods that fill the shelves of our supermarkets, and many a cattle trough, are not enriching the earth or the sky.

Please don’t feel obliged to watch Kiss the Ground, it’s not a great film, the evangelical music at the end made me feel a little peaky, but if you know anyone who is an American prairie farmer, please watch the film and share it with them, even if you know someone who might know a prairie farmer you have it on your conscience to pass this on. But for most of us the daily decisions are the same; Tread gently upon the earth, and use our limited but comparable wealth- be it money, or skill or influence- to nudge things in the right direction.

I am still not convinced that humans won’t spoil our planet, but I have no excuse for giving up.

If our generation see the end of the world we can’t say there was nothing we could have done.

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