Little Bird

Dear little bird,

You have become trapped under the netting

Over my neighbour’s cabbages.

A state of dire panic

You exercise every muscle in your body

In an effort to be free of that spiteful web.


I am moved with pity and anger.

I try to help

But I need a knife to cut you free.

Now you lie limp in my hands.

I want to cry.

I fear you are dead.

You are a pathetic mousy little thing.


A wren?

But when you are free

You are gone

Faster than an arrow

Fired from the bow of a strong but terrified warrior.

Your lifeless body

Is transformed in an instant

To energy




You leave me an angry wreck.

You fooled me.

You took me for a predator

And you believe you gave me the slip.

I cannot expect thanks

For I am culpable.

How many little birds are murdered

Each day

In my name?

Published by Schnark

Best you see

8 thoughts on “Little Bird

  1. I think I’ve got over it!

    Its very annoying, everyone in town feeds the birds with grain, what they need is habitat, water, and some greens, sadly that means its almost impossible to grow anything without netting, but its hateful stuff.

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    1. I live in a farm area and my father has a plum orchard. Birds were his most common enemies, but then the population of eagles grew much, since they determined our area as an area of conservation, and the little birdies are shier of around clearings or going too far. They now mostly just peck beneath their nesting areas as to avoid the eyries. Last year, however, a group of miscreant hunters chose to shoot some of the eagles about the area, and now some of the birdies have returned. We tried reporting them, but they couldn’t be identified and my father is always afeared that they’ll poison our pups or our chicks through the fencing, which they have done before.

      People are really mean, and can’t quite fathom the impact they can have on this world. It’s rather sad. I very liked your poem, though! As Gwen said, it’s so tender.

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      1. Pigeons and Parakeets are the problem, the poor little wren was caught in the crossfire.
        If only we had more predators in Penge!
        “The predators of Penge” I think I can feel another post coming!

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  2. Penge is the centre of the universe, it is beautiful if you close your eyes to all the ugliness.
    It is one of the cheaper suburbs south of London.
    I suspect you do well to stay where you are!

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