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The end of the world, dinghy sailing, and other things

Schnark Music

The Schnark has been keeping his head down this winter. A new boat is in my care on the Medway, but we’ve not been a float since July except as crew, or in hired craft. I have stories to tell but not the time to give them credit. I have been instead banging away withContinue reading “Schnark Music”

A visit to Ardrishaig

The gate opens out of the last lock onto a small pool before the sea lock, A tiny idyll abound with wild flowers and skitting birds. Several startled swallows are rattled from their hidey-holes in the structure of the lock gate. The old canal wall curves around from our right to describe a circle, SlopingContinue reading “A visit to Ardrishaig”

Christmas and the NHS

Salbutomol 100mcg 2x daily if required Beclamethazone 200mcg 1x daily, Calcium and Vitamin d3 600mg & 400IU, (10mcg) x2 twice daily. Alendronic Acid 70mg x1 once weekly. Folic acid 5mg once daily. Methotrexate 20mg injected once weekly, skip folic acid on this day. Tacrolimus 0.1% ointment once daily applied externally to affected areas as required.Continue reading “Christmas and the NHS”


Prickly scarlet kisses dangle dangerously over the water butt. I am tasked with taming them. Surgical precision cuts with cold steel Leave a pile of thorns and blushes at my feet. The brightest are to keep, Those mellowing to a fire orange Can be raised to the mouth, Sucked out from the back end, SweetContinue reading “Rosehips”

Oh wretched mouse

Dear little mouse, It has been two years now Since your last appearance, And once again you have destroyed my peace. My poor dear wife is driven to distraction For fear of what you might be doing. And where did you find that acorn? In our attic studio. I understand your pleasure in devouring it,Continue reading “Oh wretched mouse”

Series Apocalypse

This blog is supposed to be about the end of the world, dinghy sailing, and other things. Other things seem to have taken over of late, mouse poems, cat poems and reflections on the mundane have held sway. I have been prophesying doom for many years, I remember years ago as I was sweating aboutContinue reading “Series Apocalypse”

Little Bird

Dear little bird, You have become trapped under the netting Over my neighbour’s cabbages. A state of dire panic You exercise every muscle in your body In an effort to be free of that spiteful web.   I am moved with pity and anger. I try to help But I need a knife to cutContinue reading “Little Bird”


Originally posted on Does Anyone Know Where I Set My Coffee?:
by Mr. Schnell Recently got the last season of “Game of Thrones” and the last season of “The Big Bang Theory”. Guess which one we are currently bingeing on! Can’t tell you specifically what I have seen. I am trying to convince a friend…


I don’t know much about James, Only that his heart is not filled with cold cynicism like my own. His mind is uncomplicated and his spirit pure. He sees opportunity in the weariness of strangers. The pleasure of kindness. I am jealous of James. I don’t know if I can learn from James. IContinue reading “James”

A month of stormy Sundays

The third weekend of “Wet Play” in a row. A challenge for someone “in his prime”, who is imprisoned at a desk through the week. The short days mostly passing by unseen, or unnoticed, Outside the office window. Let alone the poor postman bent on his Saturday morning round, And returning home sodden and exhausted.Continue reading “A month of stormy Sundays”

Capsize report

Sailing clubs tend to hold their AGMs in the depth of January when conditions are considered least suitable for sailing. My last club was a dinghy racing club and although they race throughout most of the year including new years day, they accept that there should be a gap between the end of one seasonContinue reading “Capsize report”

Small World

If the world were made of plasticine I would carve it up. I would free Africa from the gaze of the west. Children in Sierra Leone would not see pictures of western luxury. But then I’d carry on dividing. Perhaps a small island For Mr Trump, very low lying. And divide and divide, And throwContinue reading “Small World”

Reply from the bird

Reply from the bird Dear sir, Thank you for your letter of the 31st December 2019 We note your apprehension With the state of the world, And we believe you are entertaining mis-placed optimism. We birds are a web of knowledge. We communicate across continents and oceans. We know when things are going badly. TheContinue reading “Reply from the bird”

Station cat

    Station Cat I see you often Stretched across the card reader That guards the step free access. I guess you have a story, Not just a pat on the head from each passing commuter. Today your cover’s blown! My train is slashed from eight carriages to three, This puts me centre stage atContinue reading “Station cat”

Letter to the bird

Dear Bird, We do enjoy your singing so, And we do not wish to complain, But is there a reason why you were up So early this morning in Penge? We didn’t fully awake, But I’m sure it was five o’clock When I was first aware of your song. Every other one of God’s creaturesContinue reading “Letter to the bird”

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