End of the World Diary, Pt. I – Natalia Klyuchareva — literalab

Translated from the Russian by Mariya Gusev Throughout this week, which will close out the first month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Literalab will publish the writing of Natalia Klyuchareva. “The End of the World Diary” recounts her reactions during the war’s opening week. “March 6” tells about her experience attending an anti-war rally. […]

End of the World Diary, Pt. I – Natalia Klyuchareva — literalab

WordPress threw this at me, and although I know nothing of the writer, I thought it worth sharing.

In my view this war is between Russia and the West, with Ukraine, and their grain, and their patriotism held as pawns. It now seems that the West might “win”, but if it does, and if it wants peace, it should heed the French president’s call, and offer the loony Putin some way of climbing down, and some degree of face saving, but will our democratic bloodlust allow that? There is clearly something much bigger at stake, the world’s biggest grain producer expects the poorest harvest on record this year, and our behaviour, both sides of the old curtain is making this problem worse. My heart honestly bleeds for those whose lives are affected by this Russian aggression, but the world needs cooperation more than justice, so I second Macron’s call for diplomacy.

We have a long way to go as we have spent the last year peddling backwards downhill, and I don’t believe we have any chance of turning around the environment catastrophe, but we have it on our conscience to elect leaders who will try, and though it might be shameful, pragmatism is needed.

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3 thoughts on “End of the World Diary, Pt. I – Natalia Klyuchareva — literalab

  1. I don’t think the West will be happy until the Russian economy collapses, but you can hardly blame the West for this. I thought it interesting that major corporations joined this fight


    1. Hi,
      I do not like Russia’a behaviour, but it takes two to tango. Russian expansionism and intolerance of Ukraine’a love affair with the west is nothing new. What I think had changed is that the west, or your country and mine, (Europe clearly wasn’t ready for this war), have looked at the big picture, “the Sahara spreading into Europe and North Africa, and the only reliably productive land being in the north of the northern hemisphere”.
      Please see my post “feast or famine” which comments on this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-62149522 which discusses the expected yield of grain in the next harvest.
      The modern solution to failing grain harvests seems to be to plant more grain. I wonder how long it will take us to reach a more creative solution.
      It is all deeply depressing.
      I’m sorry.

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